Monday, 19 March 2018

s'genser - to step aside, make way, back out, retreat



jé m'gense
tu t'gense
i' s'gense
ou s'gense
jé m'gensons
ou vos gensez
i' lus gensent


jé m'gensis
tu t'gensis
i' s'gensit
ou s'gensit
jé m'gensînmes
ou vos gensîtes / ou vos gensîdres
i' lus gensîtent / i' lus gensîdrent

aranser - to back, stop, lean, line up



il aranse
oulle aranse
ous aransez
il' aransent


il aransit
oulle aransit
ous aransîtes / ous aransîdres
il' aransîtent / il' aransîdrent

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Un but d'la Bibl'ye - Bible snippet

Sieaume 23:
Psalm 23:

Lé Seigneur est man Bèrger; i' n'mé manqu'tha d'rein.

I' m'condit ès vèrtes pâtuthes des prés pouor qué j'm'èrpose; I' mé mène lé long des cannieaux trantchil'yes et rafraîchissants;

Quand j'ai l's esprits bas I' m'les ravigote; I' m'condit dans les bouons c'mîns, comme lé bouôn Bèrger tch'Il est.

Ouaithe qué ma route mène à travèrs eune sombre vallée, auve l'ombre d'la mort tout à l'entou, jé n'craindrai autchun ma, car Tu'es tout au pid d'mé; Ta chouque et Tan cro mé donnent du couothage.

Quand même qué mes ennemîns m'vengent, Tu m'mets eune tabliée l'avant à mé; Tu m'oins la tête d'hielle; Tu m'rempl'yes man dgichon jusqu'au bord.

Toute ma vie jé jouithai d'Ta bouônté et dé T'n amiêtchi, et jé d'meuth'thai dans la maiethon d'l'Êtèrnel pouor tréjous.

assâsinner - to kill, assassinate



il assâsinne
oulle assâsinne
ous assâsinnez
il' assâsinnent


il assâsinnit
oulle assâsinnit
ous assâsinnîtes / ous assâsinnîdres
il' assâsinnîtent / il' assâsinnîdrent

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

négôcier - to negotiate



tu négôcyie
i' négôcyie
ou négôcyie
ou négôciez
i' négôcyient


tu négôcyis
i' négôcyit
ou négôcyit
ou négôcyîtes / ou négôcyîdres
i' négôcyîtent / i' négôcyîdrent

empliyer - to employ



il empliyie
oulle empliyie
ous empliyez
il' empliyient


il empliyit
oulle empliyit
ous empliyîtes
il' empliyîtent

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

La dans'sie - Dancing

Jean Treleven dit:

Thank you so much for coming to our first session on Saturday. I enjoyed it very much as did all the people who have made contact.

The room will certainly not allow for greater numbers but not being sure how many will come to the next sessions, I have booked 4 more dates and if we find we need a larger venue, we will have to come up with ideas. I am going to suggest less heating at the venue, so if you are planning to watch do ensure you are warm enough.

Monday was the slightly more popular weekday choice, so this is what I have booked:

  • Monday 26th March 6-7pm
  • Saturday 14th April 2-4pm
  • Monday 23rd April 6-7 pm
  • Saturday 5th May 2-4pm

It looks as if we will have enough people @£2 each (children free) to cover the hire of the room

(La dans'sie - pouor achteu - est dans la salle d'la chapelle Ebenezer)
(Dancing sessions - for the moment - are in Ebenezer church hall)

Sunday, 11 March 2018

La dans'sie - Dancing

Friday, 9 March 2018


Lé grand poète Ukraînien Taras Chevtchenko fut né aniet en 1814 - et né v'chîn eune vèrsion audgo d'Testament en Jèrriais:

The great Ukrainian poet Taras Shevchenko was born on this day in 1814 - and here's a reading of a Jèrriais version of his classic "Testament":

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

La dans'sie - Dancing

Nou ramémouaithe:

Just to remind you that we are holding our first Jèrriais dancing session this Saturday at Ebenezer church Hall in Trinity from 2 to 4. The cost is £2 ( free for children) and there will be a cup of tea and a wonder half way through!

The first priority will be to enjoy the dancing and any question of performing - perhaps at Hamptonne or the Fête Nouormande, would only be for those people who wish to do this. We will try to arrange times and venues for further sessions, perhaps once a month or once a fortnight if anyone is very keen, but the casual dancers will always be very welcome when they wish to come along.

Singing Toad Teaches Schoolchildren ‘Beautiful Jersey’ in Jèrriais

Kit Ashton annonche:

Singing Toad Teaches Schoolchildren
‘Beautiful Jersey’ in Jèrriais

Jersey’s secret intelligence agency known as the Special Toad Service has given a mission to local students to learn the song and help save our local language.

Children in Jersey’s primary schools have been given the opportunity to learn how to sing the popular anthem ‘Beautiful Jersey’ in Jèrriais – and they are being taught the song by a singing toad. Agent Cliémentinne – who is apparently the chief of the secret James-Bond style organisation known as the Special Toad Service – has appeared in a new pair of videos calling on all children to help them in a new mission to save Jèrriais, starting with the well-known song.